Friday, September 12, 2014

The Epic Hope

Here is a story for the ages
One I hope you'll hear
And wish upon a star above
That maybe, this is more
than just an old wives' tale.

There was once a sea witch
Trapped in stone
Forever the object of scorn.
She caused the twenty years' war
The sailors swore.

As she silently pleaded with
those seafolk- who forgot.
The stories faded 
but she remained

A relic.
Of times no longer known.
Stories, just stories.
Always just stories.

Her one hope
Was that love existed.
That love would rescue her.
She had been deceived by sailor.
He promised her many things.
She gave him power 
Gave him strength.

He stole the throne 
and left her alone.
To suffer the rage 
of the cities.

They hunted her and 
planned to slaughter her
as her lover had slaughtered 
the ones they loved.

She swallowed a stone.

The mermaid sits on a pedestal.
Always watching for 
the love she craves to know
Hope keeps her heart beating.